Cellular Services

Cellular Coverage and Capacity at Western

Western's preferred vendor for cellular services is Bell. Western and Bell partnered in 2012 to provide great rates for cellular services and increased coverage and capacity of the network in and around the campus and within our buildings. A new Bell contract, effective on your May 12th, 2017 invoice, resulted in an average drop of $15 or 30% per month. 

Highlights of the corporate plan include:

  • voice plans starting at $5/month
  • Flexible data plans based on your monthly usage
    • Up to 300MB - $15.25
    • Up to 1 GB - $30
    • Up to 6 GB - $45
    • Over 6 GB - $50
  • Canada to Canada long distance rate drop from $0.08 to $0.02 per minute
  • Hardware purchases – 65% off retail rates for smartphones
  • Better roaming coverage worldwide and lower fees

Highlights of personal plans can be found here

Go to Bell Mobility to find out details about available devices, plans and associated costs for corporate or personal use.

Please use your Western Identity user id and password to logging into Bell Mobility.

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