This software provides “over the air” synchronization of your corporate PIM data directly from Western's Sun Java Enterprise System to your device.  This simplifies the synchronization process by eliminating the need to run desktop synchronization software. See details below for specifics about obtaining access to NotifyLink.


There is a one time setup fee and a monthly service charge, refer to the ITS Service document for NotifyLink pricing.  If your department does not cover the fees for you it can be reimbursed through the PMA or Faculty Professional Development Allowance.

In addition to billing information you will need to know the following device information when requesting access;

  • Device Phone Number:
  • Device Type: e.g. BlackBerry, iPhone, Other etc.
  • BlackBerry PIN:
  • Device Type:
  • Device Carrier: e.g Rogers, Telus, Bell or Other

Access to NotifyLink is restricted to faculty or staff member only. You have 2 options for payment:

  1. If you are paying with a speed code, please use our NotifyLink Request Page. You will need to authenticate with your Western user ID and password.
  2. If you are paying by debit or credit card, you will need to visit the ITS Administrative Office, Support Services Building 4300.

Device Requirements

Before requesting access to the NotifyLink service please refer to the vendor site for Device requirements.


  • Supplemental Cost

    NotifyLink has the potential to increase your cell phone bill. This is primarily caused by caused by the method of synchronization, over port 443 typically  and in some cases additional content; calendar, contacts and tasks not just email.

    In the event you are running the NotifyLink service on a BlackBerry you also lose the benefit of BIS/RIM compression. The best advice we can give is to check your bill, avoid overage costs by selecting the right plan based on your usage.

  • iOS Update

    We recommend any individual with an iOS device e.g. iPad or iPhone, running NotifyLink take full advantage of the native functionality of these devices. With the recent upgrade of the calendar server this now includes email and calendar services. Please refer to the following instructions on how to configure your device to access Western Email and Calendar:

    Once you are comfortable these services are working as expected go to the NotifyLink Exchange account Settings and turn off the Mail, Calendar and Reminder services.

    NL iOS update

    The NotifyLink service is still needed if you require your Contacts to be centrally stored and synchronized. However, if contact synchronization is not something that you require and you have setup the native email and calendar service then you should send an email to to disable/remove the NotifyLink service.

  • Passwords

    NotifyLink needs to be in sync with your Western Identity. For security reasons we don't and should not know what this production password is. Therefore we setup a one-time password which has to be manually sync'd after logging onto the NotifyLink web client.

    If you change your Western Identity password at any time after completing the install you will need to remember to manually sync the password within the NotifyLink web client again. Otherwise the NotifyLink service will be broken.

    The password used to complete the NotifyLink registration on your device is for security reasons separate from the password sent to you in the confirmation e-mail. Refer to for the authentication password.

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